Cura Day of Appreciation - April 28

Faculty and staff are invited to share stories of appreciation and gratitude for their colleagues on the Cura Day of Appreciation, Friday April 28. Each member of the SLU community shares their gifts and talents with the world everyday. These gifts and talents are shared through actions that go above and beyond what is expected. On the Cura Day of Appreciation, faculty and staff will share meaningful positive stories about the impact their colleagues have had.

From 7-9am on Friday, April 28, faculty and staff are encouraged to stop by the following locations to receive a SLU Sparks notepad and write at least 2 notes to their colleagues.
  • North Campus
    • Wool Center Lobby
    • DuBourg Hall (ground floor by main staircase)
  • South Campus
    • Salus Center Lobby
    • Learning Resources Center Lobby
  • Law Campus - Scott Hall Lobby
Electronic SLU Sparks can also be sent by clicking here.

At 12:30pm, faculty and staff can come to the Center for Global Citizenship for a program, at which individuals will have the opportunity to share stories of appreciation for their colleagues. The program will include brief opening remarks and then the floor will be open for faculty and staff to recognize each other by sharing their notes of gratitude with those in attendance.  Submit an electronic SLU Spark beforehand and bring a copy of it to the program, or bring the notes written earlier in the day to share. Even if you do not have a story to share, come hear about the outstanding contributions of the members of the SLU community! Light beverages and cookies will be provided at the program at 12:30pm.

The best way to spread workplace cheer is sharing a special note with a peer!
Share what makes your colleagues special on the Cura Day of Appreciation!

Freda Branch Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Freda Branch, Pediatrics, who received a SLU Spark! Freda was recognized by Maureen Bresnahan, Office of Research Integrity, for strengthening our community. 

"The Pediatrics Clinical Trials Unit underwent a significant shift when their manager retired, and they have been working diligently to maintain their level of excellence during the transition.  One member's efforts in particular have recently been standing out. Not only have my recent experiences with Freda been extremely productive, but I can also see that her experiences with other members of the SLU community and study sponsors are similarly as productive. Others have noted how diligent, helpful and professional she is. They have also complimented her on her cooperation, hard work and dedication. This type of partnership not only helps strengthen relationships within the university, but it also helps strengthen relationships with partnering research communities."

Annamaria Szakonyi Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Annamaria Szakonyi, ITS-Enterprise Resources, who received a SLU Spark! Annamaria was recognized by Malcolm Townes, Office of Technology Management, for serving others. 

"Annamaria, I just want to say thank you for helping me and the rest of the Research Innovation Group get our computers set up in our office in CIC@4240. I really appreciate your intensity when tackling an issue. Circumstances weren't ideal but you found a way get things done. Thanks again for your help and all that you do."

Lydia Westmoreland Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Lydia Westmoreland, ITS-Customer Service, who received a SLU Spark! Lydia was recognized by Malcolm Townes, Office of Technology Management, for serving others. 

"Lydia, I just want to say thank you for your efforts setting up the computers for me and the rest of the Research Innovation Group. I realize circumstances weren't ideal and providing service to an off-campus group can be somewhat inconvenient. Moreover, I would imagine that your workload increased significantly with the recent organization redesign and position eliminations. None the less, you managed to get it all done. Your efforts helped ease my transition to SLU as a new hire and allowed me to be productive right out of the gate. Thanks again for your help and all that you do."

Christina Moore Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Christina Moore, General Counsel, who received a SLU Spark! Christina was recognized by Susan Caldwell, PMO-Managed Care, for seeking truth. 

"In her role as Associate General Counsel, Christina is confronted each day with situations where she is called upon to make a decision to do the right thing. Her advice and comments related to contractual obligations and strategic planning for the future of SLUCare and Saint Louis University are continually made with honesty and integrity, even when it may not be the popular opinion. She makes an impact daily in each of the 6 categories and should be recognized for her tremendous efforts! Christina's intelligence and sense of humor make it a pleasure to work with her every day.  Today, like many other days, she has truly been an inspiration."

Lisa Brooks Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Lisa Brooks, Comparative Medicine, who received a SLU Spark! Lisa was recognized by Dana McHugh, Comparative Medicine, for pursuing excellence. 

"Lisa is great! I started on 3/8/17, so almost exactly a month ago. She took me under her wing and trained me extremely well. She was patient, kind, empathetic, knowledgeable, funny, and just an amazing teacher. I am now 'flying solo' after such a short amount of time due to Lisa's very hard work."

Anna Knobeloch Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Anna Knobeloch, Comparative Medicine, who received a SLU Spark! Anna was recognized by Dana McHugh, Comparative Medicine, for pursuing excellence. 

"Anna is wonderful. Being new, she treated me as if I had been here for a while and made me feel comfortable. She is very nice and knowledgeable. She trained me extremely well. I have only been here a month, and I'm already 'flying solo'. I believe the mark of a great employee is one that can successfully teach their job to someone else. I look forward to continue to work with her."

Fourth Cohort of Exceptional Leadership Program Graduates

Standing (Left to Right): Eric Miller, Kevin Leslie, Libby Gallogly, Elaine Marschik, Libby Tempel, Megan Greathouse Gause, John Soucy, Janine Meyer, Angela Hawkins, Robby Francis, Tyler De Shon, and Lisa Wagner
Sitting (Left to Right): Kerry Borawski, Matt Taitt, Alexis Posnanski, Jessica Passow, Debi Striler, Cherie Burroughs, Megan Shaffer, and Jackie Forbes
Not pictured: Ellen Borowiak, Mindy Brown, and Teri Monken

Twenty-three staff members were recognized for their completion of the University’s Exceptional Leadership Program on Friday, April 7. The honorees included in this fourth cohort of the program are as follows:
  • Kerry Borawski, Compliance Department
  • Ellen Borowiak, Business Services
  • Mindy Brown, Treasury & Investments
  • Cherie Burroughs, Marketing & Provider Services
  • Tyler De Shon, Student Responsibility and Community Standards
  • Jacqueline Forbes, Practice Management Operations
  • Robby Francis, Campus Ministry
  • Libby Gallogly, HR - Consulting & Client Services
  • Megan Greathouse Gause, ITS - Customer Service
  • Angela Hawkins, Facilities Management
  • Kevin Leslie, Office of Sponsored Programs Administration
  • Elaine Marschik, ITS - Academic Tech Commons
  • Janine Meyer, John Cook School of Business
  • Eric Miller, School for Professional Studies
  • Teri Monken, Parking & Card Services
  • Jessica Passow, School of Nursing
  • Alexis Posnanski, Medical Center Development
  • Megan Shaffer, Career Services
  • John Soucy, Principal Giving
  • Debi Striler, SLUCare Administration
  • Matt Taitt, Office of Admissions
  • Libby Tempel, Office of Research Integrity
  • Lisa Wagner, College for Public Health & Social Justice 
Saint Louis University's Exceptional Leadership Program (ELP) is a leadership development opportunity created through collaborative efforts between Human Resources and the School for Professional Studies’ Center for Workforce and Organizational Development. High-potential SLU employees are nominated by their division vice president to take part in the Exceptional Leadership Program. Participants attend twelve modules over seven months to build their knowledge and skills in three areas: leading self, leading others, and leading organizations. To learn more about the Exceptional Leadership Program, click here.

At the graduation luncheon, Patrick Maloney, Manager of Learning & Development, offered thanks for the support of the program and congratulations to the participants. Katherine Cain, Executive Director for the Center for Workforce & Organizational Development, thanked all of the instructors, the majority of whom are SLU faculty members. Mickey Luna, Vice President for Human Resources, offered remarks about how the knowledge and skills gained by the ELP participants are vital to shaping SLU’s future. “Our Jesuit-inspired leadership values are more important than ever for creating the community we desire,” Luna shared.

Two Exceptional Leadership Program participants also offered testimonials. Matt Taitt, Assistant Director in the Office of Admissions, spoke about how the ELP equips participants with the tools to be a proactive leader, but also be able to respond intentionally to the unexpected. Lisa Wagner, Senior Financial Coordinator for the College for Public Health & Social Justice, commented how the interaction and candid discussion of the cohort members throughout the program made the experience even more valuable.

Congratulations to all of the 2016-2017 graduates of the Exceptional Leadership Program!

Candace King Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Candace King, PMO-Registration, who received a SLU Spark! Candace was recognized by Jim Greathouse, Learning and Development, for serving others. 

"Anyone who visits the Bellevue office of OB/GYN in Clayton is immediately warmly greeted by Candace. Candace is the Registration Representative and puts a smile on the faces of anyone who visits the office. I chose the category of Service Others, but in truth, all the categories would be appropriate to recognize Candace and what she does to pursue excellence, seek truth, show compassion, serve others, strengthen community, and drive change. In a recent visit to facilitate a Customer Service class, I told Candace she should be teaching the session and allow me to learn from her."

Cura Mission Service Day

On March 16, the John Cook School of Business Cura Team consisting of Gerry Singer, Debbie Barbeau,Nancy Biscan, Camilla Hall, Judy Pierce, Valerie Shor Perrier, Beth-Anne Yakubu, Jill Newman, and Teresa Walsh completed service at Operation Food Search. 

Team members wrapping and packing donated pottery for Operation Food Search fundraiser.  From left, Nancy Biscan, Judy Pierce, Camilla Hall, Valerie Shor Perrier and Jill Newman.

Team members met prior to the event to select a service location, complete a team building exercise, and determine logistics for the volunteer day.  The day of the event the team of volunteers delivered 10 boxes of canned goods and assisted Operation Food Search in preparing for their fundraiser, Purses 4 Pantries, which was taking place on March 18.  They were touched by the statistics provided by the site coordinator regarding the number of people in the region who are hungry, especially that 1 in 4 children experience hunger.  This organization not only raises money and collects food to meet immediate needs, they provide food education (how to cook with healthy ingredients with recipes and demonstrations), and grocery store education (how to read labels, foods that qualify for WIC program, how to select healthy foods).  They encourage participation of volunteers of all ages, with creative strategies to educate and involve volunteers of all ages. Operation Food Search supports hungry children during the school year by providing meal backpacks to kids who may otherwise go hungry over the weekend.  Seeing huge bins labeled by school definitely made an impression on the group as to the extent of the need and the impact this program has.  To address hunger for these same kids over the summer months, they run a mobile truck to apartment complexes and parks to provide meals and promote healthy exercise for kids.  The most meaningful portion of the service day was the group being together as co-workers doing a good thing.  The experience reminds the group of how extremely blessed they are to have food on the table and have access to healthy food shopping options. On March 16, they acted as a group of women for others who are experiencing hunger.

Pamela Murray Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Pamela Murray, Center for Advanced Dental Education, who received a SLU Spark! Pamela was recognized by Mary Anderson, Center for Advanced Dental Education, for pursuing excellence.

"When a co-worker in another area suddenly left SLU, Pam was asked to temporarily take on some additional responsibilities.  She accepted these responsibilities cheerfully.  In completing these new tasks, she identified an area where we were losing out on insurance revenue due to the incomplete classification of the program director with state dental board.  Pam took it upon herself to check the classification of each of the program directors and brought her findings to me.  Once the change is completed, the department will be reimbursed at a higher rate.  Pam deserves to be recognized with a SLU Spark for her pursuit of excellence and willingness to investigate something that did not look correct to her."

Amy Ficklen Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Amy Ficklen, Dermatology, who received a SLU Spark! Amy was recognized by Joey Weissmann, Dermatology, for pursuing excellence.

"Amy and I have been co-workers since I began in 2013. I've worked closely with her throughout this time and I'm able to say that she is always pursuing excellence in her daily work. Amy is consistently upbeat, friendly and adaptable to her role within the department. Her efforts certainly do not go unnoticed as she is very often a point of contact throughout the university as someone to depend on in dermatology. Amy never complains, stays late, comes in early, is eager to help a co-worker, and puts her best effort into her work. She is knowledgeable in regards to SLU processes and procedures, and all new employees often seek her wisdom upon starting in the department. She absolutely deserves recognition for pursuing excellence here at SLU!"

Danaye Gebru Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Danaye Gebru, PMO-Information Systems, who received a SLU Spark! Danaye was recognized by Debi Pratt, PMO-Administration, for serving others.

"Thank you for your service to PMO staff and to everyone who works for SLU. You embody the phrase "service to others!"

3rd Midwest Bowecho Workshop

On March 9, Dr. Chuck Graves and his two MS graduate students, Kyle Perez and Alex Elmore attended the 3rd Midwest Bowecho Workshop at Il Monastero. The event was sponsored by the Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Department.

Floyd Welsh Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Floyd Welsh, Career Services, who received a SLU Spark! Floyd was recognized by the Parks Advising Team for serving others.

"Dear Floyd - Thank you so much for helping our students with their job search skills and resumes in the MDH Rotunda. We greatly appreciate your involvement in National Engineers Week, as well as, all of the other countless things you do for Parks College students! We are so very lucky to have you as our Career Development Specialist.  From the Parks College Advising Team (Jenn, Nancy, Summer and Lisa)"

The Justice Fleet is Coming to SLU

The Justice Fleet is a Mobile Social Justice Museum that engages community members in intergroup dialogue, art activism, and play to create community healing. Come visit the mobile museum for its pop-up debut outside of the Center for Global Citizenship during ATLAS week (April 5, 1:00-5:00pm). The Department of Communication, Fine Arts Department, and Office of Diversity and Engagement will be talking about Radical Forgiveness as a social justice practice. Admission is free and open to the public.

For questions about the event, contact Amber Johnson, Creator, at or (314) 977-2921.

Parks Marketing Team Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Rachel Rimmerman and the rest of the Parks Marketing Team who received a SLU Spark! The group was recognized by the Parks Advising Team for strengthening our community.

"Dear Rachel and the rest of the Parks College Marketing Team (Sue, Chris and Mike) - Thank you so much for your planning and preparation of National Engineers Week! Year after year, you impress us with wonderful events that enhance our strong Parks College community. We could tell the students really enjoyed themselves, too!  Thank you for all of your hard work!  Keep the pancakes coming!!!  From the Parks College Advising Team (Jenn, Nancy, Summer and Lisa)"

Mary Frazer Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Mary Frazer, Shared Services, who received a SLU Spark! Mary was recognized by Angela Coleman, Center for Sustainability, for serving others.

"Mary Frazer is always so kind and willing to help others when problems arise.  She is a shining example of university's mission of achieving excellence in the service to the SLU community.  Her efforts should not go unnoticed. Thanks Mary for all you do."

Katelyn Missey Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Katelyn Missey, Controller, who received a SLU Spark! Katelyn was recognized by Angela Coleman, Center for Sustainability, for serving others.

"Katelyn Missey has been a blessing to work with and her work should not go unrecognized. Katelyn demonstrates the perfect example of professionalism; her willingness to help others throughout departments is very apparent. She is a great representative of her department, and consistently makes herself available to help others. Katelyn is continuously working to improve her skills in order to better serve those around her. I look forward to working with Katelyn more in the future."

Congratulations, Deborah!

Congratulations to Deborah Pratt, Manager in PMO, on the birth of her fourth grandchild, Henry Michael Thomas Pratt. Henry was born on March 6 and weighed 7 pounds and 13 ounces.

Henry joins parents Christina and Nate Pratt at their home in St. Louis, MO.

Susan Torretta Received a SLU Spark

Congratulations to Susan Torretta, IM Gastroenterology, who received a SLU Spark! Susan was recognized by Maureen Bresnahan, Office of Research Integrity, for serving others.

"Throughout Susan's tenure at SLU, she has proven to be an excellent research coordinator.  Not only does she produce quality work, she continuously offers aid those in her work environment. No matter how heavy her current workload is, she continuously goes above and beyond to help others. Her generosity helps to strengthen the research community and does not go unnoticed."

Jan Gannon Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Jan Gannon, Finance Office-Medical Center, who received a SLU Spark! Jan was nominated by Mary Ann Barrale, IM-Gastroenterology, for pursuing excellence.

"Jan is always helpful. She follows-up with me with answers to all of my questions and does an outstanding job.  I never have to question whether the information she is providing is accurate because she has always been right and has correct information.  I depend on her and she has never let me down.  She deserves this SLU Spark for her outstanding work and contributions to SLU!"

Congratulations, LaKita!

Congratulations to LaKita May-Johnson, Research Assistant for GI, and husband Tony Johnson, on the birth of their fourth child, Journee Wynter Rose Johnson. Journee joins siblings Jaxon, Brooke, and Amiyah. 

Journee was born on January 29 and weighed 8 pounds and 14 ounces.

Annamaria Szakonyi Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Annamaria Szakonyi, Vice President for Research, who received a SLU Spark! Annamaria was nominated by Rachel Millinger, Office of Research Integrity, for showing compassion.

"It is difficult to pick one spark category for Annamaria Szakonyi, because she qualifies for several. She is dedicated to excellence in her work, and she works in service of others, as well as a great product. But one of the most important things that I appreciate about Annamaria is her compassion for others. She shows compassion to everyone- her colleagues, our software vendors, and our customers. She is genuine and accepting, and those qualities in a team member are invaluable. There is something special about her warmth and friendliness. It's hard to put her many contributions into words, but she is a tenacious and trusted partner, and our eIRB system is better for it. Thank you for all that you do, Annamaria!"

Cory Cullen Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Cory Cullen, Information Technology Services, who received a SLU Spark! Cory was nominated by Rachel Millinger, Office of Research Integrity, for pursuing excellence.

"Cory Cullen is a great example of the pursuit of excellence here at SLU. He works tirelessly, often after hours, or at a moment's notice, and sometimes on weekends. His attention to detail and commitment to high quality make him a trusted partner and an invaluable resource to the eIRB team. It's difficult to articulate the complicated nature all of the things that we ask of him, but the bottom line is that he handles these difficulties and makes it look easy.  It's not an overstatement to say that eIRB would not work as well without Cory- it wouldn't. He is also patient and kind, and makes IT details understandable to non-IT minds. Thank you for all that you do, Cory!"

Mike Martin Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Mike Martin, ITS-Customer Service, who received a SLU Spark! Mike was nominated by Rachel Millinger, Office of Research Integrity, for serving others.

"Mike is a SLU IT superstar! He has repeatedly saved the day by providing answers to my many questions and by taking the time to investigate an issue until its resolution. He goes out of his way to help, and often the help is above and beyond the call of duty. Access to our eIRB system would not run as smoothly without Mike's dedication. Kudos and many many thanks for all your hard work, Mike!"

Congratulations, Kayla!

Congratulations to Kayla Allen, Patient Care Coordinator of Internal Medicine, who was engaged to Gage Walker on January 21 while at the Laumeier Sculpture Park in Saint Louis. Kayla and Gage met when they were 7 years old in their subdivision; they were next door neighbors! The couple is planning to get married at St. John's United Church of Christ on June 16th, 2018.

Amy Hargis Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Amy Hargis, Sustainability and Benchmarking, who received a SLU Spark! Amy was nominated by Brandon Verhoff, School of Education, for driving change and innovation.

"Amy proposes great ideas in team meetings often, but in a recent meeting she came up with an idea for our restaurant waste audits to have cards for people to view and find out more."

ITS SaLUting You Recipients

Congratulations to the following members of ITS for being recognized with the "SaLUting You" award.

  • January 2017: Nathan Burge, Multimedia Architect., ITS-TLRC 
  • February 2017: Jon Nevins, Application Systems Specialist, ITS-TLRC 
The program is meant to promote and formally reward employees’ contributions to the overall objectives of ITS. As part of the program, one employee is chosen from nominations each month to receive the “SaLUting You” award. The award is designed to recognize employees for excellence in customer service, financial efficiency, and creative ingenuity.

Congratulations to those Celebrating Milestone Service Anniversaries!

We would like to congratulate those who are celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years of service in April and May 2017.
Thank you for your service at SLU!

35 Years
  • Mary J. Keegan
  • Cirilo Sotelo-Avila, M.D.
30 Years
  • Joel C. Eissenberg, Ph.D.
  • Kemberly S. Waller
25 Years
  • Stephen J. Barenkamp, M.D.
  • Theresa M. Forsythe 
  • Rodney B. Harvey
  • Linda E. Winter 
20 Years
  • Trisha F. Bowman 
  • Viki S. Cadwallader
  • Kimmett J. Dean 
  • Susan M. Ganey  
  • Priti Lele, M.D.
  • Marilyn A. Maxwell, M.D.
  • Peri H. Pepmueller, M.D.
  • Melissa Westwood 
15 Years
  • Flora J. Adams 
  • Dennis W. Blanton 
  • Kathryn J. Brennan 
  • Karen L. Cartwright 
  • Kimberly D. Cox 
  • Andre L. Curry
  • Denise Dorsey-Williams  
  • Linda R. Drohlich 
  • Jamie L. Emery, M.S.
  • Ricardo O. Fleming 
  • Veronica L. Ford
  • Jeffro V. Gill 
  • Assako N. Holyoke, Ph.D.
  • Anthony L. Martin 
  • Michael L. Mathis  
  • Debra McCoy
  • Deketra M. Nearing 
  • Angela F. Parham
  • Curtis M. Parham  
  • Kim D. Perry 
  • Timothy Ransom 
  • Maury M. Rich 
  • Lenora Richard 
  • Renee Richard 
  • Sharon M. Robinson 
  • Debra L. Schindler, Ph.D.
  • Kenneth W. Simpson 
  • Gwenever L. Templeton 
  • Jennifer J. Thomas
  • Raymond R. Vollmer 
  • Denise S. Williams 
10 Years
  • Laura L. Bernett 
  • Elliott Casey 
  • Patrick G. Johnson 
  • Donald W. Lawrence, Ph.D.
  • Demetrius Myers 
  • Tulin O. Price, Ph.D.
  • LaVonda L. Tucker-Jackson 
5 Years
  • Scott J. Androff 
  • Joyce A. Bryan 
  • Sarah A. Dawson 
  • Susana Gonzalo-Hervas, Ph.D.
  • Matthew D. Hudson 
  • Gene M. LaBarge, M.D.
  • Anne K. Miller 
  • William L. Perkins 
  • Elizabeth A. Rhyne, RN, CPNP
  • Katherine J. Robbins, M.D.
  • Diana Rupprecht 
  • Evelyn Shields-Benford
  • Adrienne N. Smith 
  • Lisa L. Stone 
  • Lisa R. Wagner 
  • Elizabeth A. Wallis 
  • Yihua Zhou, M.D., Ph.D. 
To learn more about SLU's service award recognition program, click here.

2017 SLU Stars Recognized for Living the Mission

SLU Stars recipients gather for a photo at the breakfast ceremony. From left to right: (front row) Tina Gray, Susan Androff, Kristin Knobloch; (back row) Zack Thatcher, Blake Noyes, Carolyn Merkel, Debie Lohe
Seven members of the University community were recognized as the 2017 SLU Stars in a ceremony on Thursday, March 30. The awardees are as follows:
  • Susan Androff, Internal Medicine
  • Tina Gray, Pediatrics
  • Debie Lohe, Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning
  • Carolyn Merkel, Student Financial Services
  • Blakeslee Noyes, Pediatrics
  • Zack Thatcher, Psychology
The SLU Star award is an annual peer-to-peer recognition award to honor faculty and staff whose commitment to the mission is not a singular event, but a continuous story of the mission in action. The award recognizes colleagues who demonstrate professionalism and behavior congruent with the University's Ignatian ideals and Cura Standards, and whose accomplishments further the mission of Saint Louis University. SLU Stars are those unheralded people in our departments who regularly go above and beyond to touch the lives of the colleagues, students, clients, friends, and family they interact with on a daily basis. As an initiative within the Cura program, SLU Stars support a culture of understanding, respect, and appreciation for everyone, and they inspire a collaborative and collegial working, learning, and social environment.

SLU Stars are nominated by their peers to receive the award. Each nomination cycle, the SLU Stars Committee reviews nominations and selects those which best speak to the criteria of the award. The SLU Stars Committee includes:
  • Alexis Bruce-Staudt, College for Public Health & Social Justice
  • Judi Buncher, Mission & Identity
  • Peter Garvin, Department of Public Safety
  • Cathy Happa, Internal Medicine
  • Katie Hoff (Chair), Learning & Development
  • Maddie O’Connell, Learning & Development
  • Rita Stites, Pediatrics
  • Cathy Zimmer, College of Arts & Sciences
This year, Chris Collins, S.J., Assistant to the President for Mission & Identity, and Mickey Luna, Vice President for Human Resources, offered remarks. Luna expressed, “During each award cycle, the committee receives numerous nominations, which in itself is a tribute to the regard SLU colleagues have for one another. Not only do these tributes tell the story of our mission one SLU Star at a time, but they also reflect how ardently the nominators admire and support their colleagues.” Katie Hoff, SLU Stars Committee Chair, added, “it is an honor to be nominated, and an even greater honor to be chosen as a SLU Star.” Collins remarked that the Society of Jesus was built around friendship, and it is wonderful to bring together individuals from across the University community in a form of friendship as SLU Stars.

To learn more about the SLU Stars award, please click here.
The following is a summarized version of the nominations of each SLU Star:

Susan Androff, ambulatory care nurse in General Internal Medicine. The ambulatory care clinic has gone through many transitions through the years, and Susan has been a presence of strength and positivity through them all. She exudes positivity in her work and builds the morale of her fellow colleagues. She portrays leadership by patiently training new recruits, teaching them to take pride in their work while encouraging them to work diligently to serve our patients. Susan, thank you for your contagious positive attitude and commitment to serving our patients and your colleagues.

Tina Gray, director of operations for Pediatrics. Tina treats faculty and staff colleagues the same regardless of their position or their affiliation with the University. She acts not only as a manager, but also as a mentor and helps her staff solve problems and proposes ways to achieve their goals. She also offers the same kind of support and sense of community to others within the University, particularly on the Medical Campus, and to those in administrative roles in other departments such as SLUCare and the Practice Management Organization. Tina, thank you for your commitment to creating a positive work environment that allows others to thrive.

Kristin Knobloch, advanced practice registered nurse within the hospitalist section of Internal Medicine. Kristin has been integral in growing the hospitalist program at SLU. She helped pioneer the program through her ability to collaborate and innovate. She has done an immense amount of work to help other staff and faculty in the hospital understand how the hospitalist section functions; her efforts have substantially improved communication amongst the different care providers. Kristin, thank you for building relationships to help your colleagues succeed and provide excellent patient care.

Debie Lohe, director of the Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning. Debie is a colleague who evokes respect from those with whom she interacts. In her work, Debie brings great intellect paired with an understanding of the perspectives of both faculty and staff who educate our students. She is a highly competent professional not only in her direct field of work, but in bridging those skills and knowledge with broad concepts of student learning that requires collaboration in support of holistic student learning. Debie, thank you for your work to help your faculty and staff colleagues best serve our students.

Carolyn Merkel, financial services associate in Student Financial Services. Carolyn demonstrates care and concern for members of the SLU community, as well as those around the area. She has to work with many different offices and departments as her position requires; she always follows through and has an excellent repertoire with everyone with whom she speaks. Carolyn focuses on improving process and procedure to help her colleagues work more easily and therefore better serve our students’ needs. Carolyn, thank you for your caring spirit for your colleagues and students in the workplace.

Blakeslee Noyes, professor in Pediatrics. Over his time at SLU, Blake has led his division and supported all the efforts of the Pediatrics department through quiet, humble service, thoughtfulness and hard work. He is known among the faculty and staff of the Department of Pediatrics and Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital for his consideration, devotion to patients, families and colleagues, and having a calm, steadying hand. Blake has demonstrated commitment to Cura Personalis by mentoring a culture of compassion at all times. Blake, thank you for your care and concern for the whole person in your daily work.

Zack Thatcher, administrative secretary in Psychology. Zack has been instrumental in making sure that the Neuroscience program runs smoothly and successfully throughout its growth over the past two years. Zack is a conscientious worker who works well with students, faculty, and co-workers, anticipating their needs and following through with all tasks that he is given. His relentless work ethic to help others manage their work and assist with problem solving has been a great asset to the entire Department of Psychology. Zack, thank you for caring about the success of our students and your faculty and staff colleagues.