Congratulations to those Celebrating Milestone Service Anniversaries!

We would like to congratulate those who are celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 years of service in June and July 2016.
Thank you for your years of service at SLU!
50 Years
  • Doncella Luechtefeld
45 Years
  • Paul J. Handal, Ph.D.
40 Years
  • Victor A. Lathangue
  • Terry L. Moore, M.D.
35 Years
  • Faye E. Doerhoff, M.D.
  • Gordon B. Gale, M.D.
  • Mary S. Heaney, M.D.
  • Robert M. Heaney, M.D.
  • Shahida R. Naseer, M.D.
30 Years
  • Nancy Galvin, Ph.D.
  • John R. Peter, M.D.
  • Randy R. Richter, Ph.D.
  • Barbara Whitman, Ph.D.
25 Years
  • Betty J. Bailey
  • Bahar Bastani, M.D.
  • Jacqueline R. Batanianm, Ph.D.
  • Cynthia Cantrell, R.N.
  • Sandra M. Cornell
  • Robert E. Fleming, M.D.
  • Shelia J. Garvin
  • Karen A. Gianino
  • Kathleen L. Hargrave
  • Michelle L. Honerkamp
  • Jeffrey P. Mayer, Ph.D.
  • Brent A. Neuschwander-Tetri, M.D.
  • Harvey Solomon, M.D.
  • Joseph C. Weggenmann, Jr.
  • Douglas R. Williams, J.D.
  • Michelle R. Ziegler
20 Years
  • Jane A. Cox, Ph.D.
  • Bradley V. Davitt, M.D.
  • Kristina D. Forneris
  • Robert T. Gantner
  • Jonathan Grimm
  • Mary B. Holloran-Schwartz, M.D.
  • Abdoul R. Karimi
  • Jacki Kornbluth, Ph.D.
  • Margaret H. McDermott, J.D.
  • John M. Richart, M.D.
  • Annette M. Schiller
  • Kristina B. Sherman
15 Years
  • Irwin L. Aronson, D.D.S.
  • Matthias H. Backer, Jr.
  • Shari Bogovich
  • Lisa M. Brooks
  • Karen M. Cuvar, Ph.D.
  • Timothy P. Czarnecki
  • Mary M. Frazer
  • John F. Hatton, D.M.D.
  • Pamela S. Hunborg, BSN
  • Tiffany P. Jones
  • Angelina M. Kaestner
  • Michael R. Lasky, M.D.
  • Theodore K. Malmstrom, Ph.D.
  • Mary P. McInnis
  • David Miley, D.M.D., M.S.
  • James A. Petterchak
  • Stephen C. Roehm
  • Michael A. Summers
  • Kathy Vogt
  • Margaret L. Waters
  • Sidney D. Watson, J.D.
  • Joseph Weixlmann, Ph.D.
10 Years
  • David E. Cassens, D. Phil.
  • Anping Chen, Ph.D.
  • Richard A. Colignon, Ph.D.
  • Chelsea D. Crow
  • Daniel A. Dick
  • Kari R. Elbe
  • Gabriela M. Espinoza, M.D.
  • Susan M. Fanale
  • Thomas J. Finan, Ph.D.
  • Carl A. Freeman, M.D.
  • Sharon K. Gajewski
  • Barbara H. Gradala
  • Jason A. Grubb
  • Patricia A. Harrison, J.D.
  • Jeannine S. Hurlburt
  • Shayla R. Johnson, M.A.
  • Tena M. Jones
  • Ki Beom Kim, D.D.S.,M.S.D.,Ph.D.
  • Joyce M. Koenig, M.D.
  • Wendy M. LaBenne
  • John P. Long, D.V.M.
  • Mary A. Meier
  • Christine M. Millaway
  • Anjali Patel, D.O.
  • Kent T. Porterfield, Ed.D.
  • Kenneth O. Schowengerdt, M.D.
  • Mary C. Seyer-Signorino
  • Jaye M. Shyken, MD
  • Craig W. Smith, Ph.D.
  • Sharon M. Spicer
  • Trevor L. Tredway, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Anders E. Walker, J.D.
  • Molly J. Wilson, J.D.
5 Years
  • Archana S. Abhyankar, M.D.
  • Jennifer M. Agnew, Ph.D.
  • Syed O. Ahmad, O.T.D., Ph.D.
  • Emily L. Anstoetter
  • Sahl I. Ayoob
  • Kathleen N. Berra
  • Rita R. Billops
  • Jonathan M. Bruno
  • Robin R. Chamberland, Ph.D.
  • Miriam A. Cherry, J.D.
  • Javalyn V. Clark
  • Sabrina M. Dipiazza
  • Jana M. Dodge
  • Jennifer Dunn
  • John C. Edwards, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Samer Elbabaa, M.D.
  • Brett M. Emo, Ph.D.
  • LaShone M. Gibson, M.A.
  • Miguel A. Guzman, M.D.
  • Justin D. Hansford, J.D.
  • Derrick K. Henderson
  • Julia R. Henderson-Kalb, M.S.
  • Joshua L. Hentzelman, M.D.
  • Kate R. Hoerchler
  • Helen H. Jiang
  • Debra A. Johannigmeier
  • Adrian G. Jones
  • Cathy L. Jung
  • Margaret V. Kessler
  • Srinivas N. Kumar, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Lia Lowrie, M.D.
  • Michael J. Martin
  • Brenda C. McClain, M.D.
  • Lawrence K. McClinton
  • Ryan McKinney
  • Eric J. Miller
  • Jacqueline M. Miller, DDS, MS
  • Lori A. Moss
  • Teresa T. Neal, MHA, RHIA
  • Danielle M. Nied
  • Daphne Y. Nutall
  • Angela L. Orlando
  • Nadeem D. Parkar, M.D.
  • Matthew A. Patton
  • Todd J. Richardson, Ph.D.
  • Erica K. Salter, Ph.D.
  • Theresa L. Schwartz, M.D.
  • Kurtis T. Sobush, M.D.
  • Benjamin M. Spurlock
  • Johnnie W. Stevens, III
  • Kevin Syberg, D.P.H.
  • Aaron N. Taylor, J.D.
  • Jason R. Taylor, M.D.
  • Kimberly D. Trokey
  • Scott B. Vieth
  • Elaina Vivian
  • Pamela K. Wald
  • Peg A. Weathers
  • Crystal E. Weaver, CRC, MT-BC
  • Brigid C. Welch
  • John B. Weltmer, Jr., M.D.
  • Kasi L. Williamson, Ph.D.
  • Shane D. Winters
  • Kathleen M. Wolf
  • Michael A. Wolff, J.D.
  • Pericles Xynos, M.D.
  • Michail M. Zaboikin, Ph.D.

Tiffany Newtson Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Tiffany Newtson, Arts & Sciences Academic Advising, who received a SLU Spark! Tiffany was recognized by Roy Tippett, Athletics, for pursuing excellence.

"Tiffany recently helped me schedule Fall classes for incoming transfer student-athletes even though they hadn't been officially assigned to her. She helped me understand A&S policies better, and was able to help with the challenging process that transfers present. Her knowledge and experience will help those students as they progress through SLU."

Maria Tsikalas Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Maria Tsikalas, Marcom-University Communications, who received a SLU Spark! Maria was recognized by Maria Totoraitis, ITS, for showing compassion.

"Maria showed compassion for me when I asked her last-minute to edit an important report for the ITS division. She took time out of her daily responsibilities to assist me and help ensure the report represented ITS and SLU's missions well. Her show of solidarity did not go unnoticed! Furthermore, on a day-to-day basis, she is great to work with!"

SLUCare Department of Internal Medicine Nurse's Day Celebration

The Department of Internal Medicine celebrated Nurse's Day on May 6. Each nurse was recognized with a pin that said "Nurses Caring from the Heart" and other team members received pins that said "Great Staff. Great Team." The team enjoyed cake as well.

ITS SaLUting You Recipients

Congratulations to the following members of ITS for being recognized with the "SaLUting You" award.
  • October 2015: Natasha Baker, Manager Blue Prints MPS, ITS-Customer Service Group
  • November 2015: Robert Gantner, Senior Application Systems Analyst, ITS-Enterprise Products Group
  • December 2015: Kevin Proot, Manager Telecom and Cabling Services, ITS-Infrastructure Operations Group
  • January 2016: Angel Magee, Manager Google Apps, ITS-Enterprise Products Group
  • February 2016: Cory Cullen, Database Specialist, ITS-Enterprise Products Group
  • March 2016: Mary Frazer, Financial Supervisor, ITS-Customer Service Group
  • April 2016: Jonathan Grimm, Senior Instructional Technologist, ITS-Customer Service Group
The program is meant to promote and formally reward employees’ contributions to the overall objectives of ITS.  As part of the program, one employee is chosen from nominations each month to receive the “SaLUting You” award.  The award is designed to recognize employees for excellence in customer service, financial efficiency, and creative ingenuity.

Jyssaka Meyers Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Jyssaka Meyers, College for Public Health & Social Justice, who received a SLU Spark! Jyssaka was recognized by Maggie Callon, College for Public Health & Social Justice, for pursuing excellence.

"Jyssaka willingly took on the project of Coordinating the CPHSJ Precommencement Ceremony. She handled the project, start-to-finish, in a professional, detailed, and friendly manner, providing support and communication with faculty, staff, external guests, and especially with the graduating students who had many questions, fears and concerns about the getting through the event. She never let down, and continued to volunteer to help others' projects during this busy time. As she is welcoming a new baby to her family this June, I know it was a physical marathon as well, but she never lost her positivity."

Francesca Zanti Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Francesca Zanti, Office of Admission, who received a SLU Spark! Francesca was recognized by Chris Penberthy, Parks College, for serving others.

"Despite being in a high-stress job where families of prospective students need a great deal of attention, Francesca consistently shows a high level of customer service and goes above and beyond to not only meet the needs of these families, but recognize the staff and faculty at SLU that support these campus visits. She is one of the first people a good portion of our incoming students will meet when they first come to SLU, which is a position that gets little reward or recognition. It's always a pleasure working with her, and I'd love for her to know how great a job she does!"

Erin Kruse Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Erin Kruse, Events, who received a SLU Spark! Erin was recognized by Mark Evans, Distribution Services, for pursuing excellence.

"I would like to thank Erin Kruse for the job she is doing with the Events department. Her staff has diminished from 6 to 2 people. She has developed a revived sense of teamwork to overcome the diminished staff. Erin, Elena Padilla, and Katie Frigerio have pulled together to exemplify what can be accomplished with teamwork. Equipped with a collaborative attitude good communication skills, they are helping Distribution Services support all the events on campus. I appreciate them for their efforts.They seem to understand that there is no I in TEAM!"

Danielle Mungenast Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Danielle Mungenast, HR Compensation, who received a SLU Spark! Danielle was recognized by Josh Simpson, HR Consulting & Client Services, for serving others.

"While going through the approval process to post a position that was tasked to me by my VP, Danielle went above and beyond. She knew the importance of the position getting posted that day, so instead of leaving at the end of the day, she stayed to help me get everything approved. Danielle was about to go out the door for the day when she heard I was in need of help. She went back to her office and restarted everything, just to help me finish. She was a great example of helping others, especially for the benefit of the University."

Janet Strader Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Janet Strader, Financial Planning & Budget, who received a SLU Spark! Janet was recognized by Josh Simpson, HR Consulting & Client Services, for serving others.

"Janet put everything on hold, and even stayed late to approve a position in People Admin that needed to be posted that day. After being tasked by our VP to get a position posted, it took all day to make it to the Budget office. Instead of disregarding my need, she stayed late to help me. It was a great example of departments working together to accomplish a task that benefited the University."

Maggie Dermody Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Maggie Dermody, Annual Giving Program & Development Communications, who received a SLU Spark! Maggie was recognized by Kate Brennan, Annual Giving Program & Development Communications, for driving change and innovation.

"Maggie embraced the Reunion Giving Program with excitement, creativity and solid leadership. She strives to meet ambitious goals and always remains positive. It is refreshing to see someone enjoy their work as much as Maggie. Her positivity can be found in her smile and in the wonderful work she accomplishes. I look forward to reading her alumni communications each month, and I am sure the alumni celebrating their reunions appreciate the extra effort to recognize and celebrate these milestones."

Saul Robinson Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Saul Robinson, Aviation Science, who received a SLU Spark! Saul was recognized by Jenn Masiulis, Nancy Childrey, and Summer Mattina, Parks Dean's Office, for driving change and innovation.

"We are so thankful for everything you do for Parks College aviation students. You have done great work, and we have noticed! You have persevered through transitions in the department/College/and beyond, all the while helping students stay on track in their flight curriculum AND developing a system for adding flight blocks in Banner for the first time in history! You have done all of this with patience, commitment, optimism and a sense of humor. We appreciate being your colleagues. P.S. Also, congratulations on becoming an American citizen!!!"

Steve Magoc Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Steve Magoc, Aviation Science, who received a SLU Spark! Steven was recognized by Jenn Masiulis, Nancy Childrey, and Summer Mattina, Parks Dean's Office, for pursuing excellence.

"Thank you for all you do to support Parks College students! We sincerely appreciate your individualized approach with students, collaboration and teamwork with academic advising, and organization and communication skills. It has really been a pleasure working with you this year. Cheers to many more!"

Teresa Harvey Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Teresa Harvey, Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, who received a SLU Spark! Teresa was recognized by Christy Pogue, Philosophy, for serving others.

"Teresa was a huge help when it came time for me to coordinate my first conference here at Saint Louis University. She has put on several conferences each year and has a wealth of knowledge in this area. Not only did she take time out of her day to meet with me in advance, but she met me at the event venue for a pre-event meeting, helped me set up the day before - and at 6:30 a.m. the day of the conference! She made sure everything was running smoothly before leaving - and came back to check up on things during the day. Teresa also helped my international guest with his tax forms. She went above and beyond so she could "help SLU shine!" Teresa's help and guidance made me feel comfortable and at ease - and ready to plan another conference next year! It's so nice to have people like Teresa working at SLU!"

Kavitha Krishnarao Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Kavitha Krishnarao, Pediatrics, who received a SLU Spark! Kavitha was recognized by Cyn Wise, Center for World Health & Medicine, for serving others.

"Although Kavitha's job is primarily to support the needs of the researchers in her unit, she went beyond the expected during this last Pediatrics Days conference to make sure every participant had exactly what they needed for a very successful event."

Kay Bopp Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Kay Bopp, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, who received a SLU Spark! Kay was recognized by Jenna Gorlewicz, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, for serving others.

"Kay's support of departmental efforts is incredible and so appreciated. As a new faculty member myself, she has been responsive on my many questions and needs, is always there to assist, places equipment orders in a timely manner (and continues to follow up on them when they do not arrive!), and does a tremendous amount for our students. Our department is lucky to have her service!"

Rita McMillan Recognized by Top Ladies of Distinction

Congratulations to Rita McMillan, Diversity Specialist in Human Resources, who was recognized by the Top Ladies of Distinction for her community service. Rita received the Community Service Award at a ceremony on May 21, 2016. The Top Ladies of Distinction is a humanitarian and educational organization; click here to learn more about T.L.O.D.

Rita McMillan is second from left

Division of Student Development Staff Excellence Awards

The annual Division of Student Development Staff Excellence Awards were held on May 18. These awards are presented to current Student Development staff and other campus partners that have made outstanding contributions to Student Development or to the campus community as a whole.

Division of Student Development Staff Excellence Award Winners
Leadership Award is given to individuals who promote divisional and University mission, goals, and values through actions and job performance. The 2016 award winner is Kim Morton - Student Involvement Center.

Billiken Spirit Award recognizes an individual who fully supports the mission of Athletics, integrating the ideals of education, competition and community in their work with students. The 2016 award winner is David Young - Student Involvement Center.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Award is given to individuals who are committed to nurturing and developing student understanding of diversity and social justice issues. The 2016 award winners are Patrick Cousins - Campus Ministry, Willie Gore - Housing and Residence Life, Kelly Herbolich - Student Success Center-Retention & Academic Success, and Richard Marks - Housing and Residence Life.

Community Connections Award is given to individuals who actively build relationships and collaborative opportunities with individuals and/or agencies in the St. Louis community. The 2016 award winners are Katie Shields - Athletics and Lisa Stone - Athletics.

Faculty Collaboration Award is given to individuals who have demonstrated the ability to build strong academic partnerships that promote student learning. The 2016 award winners are Kaleigh Mrowka - Housing and Residence Life and Leah Sweetman - Center for Service and Community Engagement.

Innovation Grant Challenge Award is a grant opportunity within the Division of Student Development that seeks innovative (new or redefined) projects that promote student learning or student success for Saint Louis University students. The 2016 winner of this award is Bryan Sokol - Center for Service and Community Engagement.

Innovation and Excellence in Assessment Award is given to individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to utilizing assessment to understand program/service impact and or/student learning. The 2016 award winner is the Office for Student Responsibility and Community Standards.

Rising Star Award is given to new employees with less than three years of continuous service in the division, and who also have innovative ideas and have made significant contributions throughout the year to his or her area. The 2016 award winners are Phil Durkee - Housing and Residence Life and Laura Tiepelman - Student Health Center.

Team Spirit Award is given to individuals who foster collaboration, communication and cooperation among colleagues in exercising his/her commitment to student learning and development. The 2016 award winners are Arathi Srikanta - SLU Wellness, Jenny Scott - University Counseling Center, Floyd Welsh - Student Success Center-Career Services, and Alex Wulff - Student Success Center-Writing Services.

Unsung Hero Award is given to individuals who work quietly and unobtrusively but go the extra mile to contribute to the success of SLU through his or her outstanding contributions at work. The 2016 award winners are Alison Bradley - Student Health Center, Carol Cote - Campus Recreation and Dean of Students Office, Robin Krueger - Athletics, Megan Shaffer - Student Success Center-Major Exploration, and Sonja Wall - Student Success Center-Career Services.

Collaborative Partner Award recognizes a faculty or staff member who is not a member of the Division of Student Development, but consistently supports the work of the Division that contributes to student success and student learning. The 2016 award winners are Lisa Dorsey - Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education, Dustin Montgomery - Assistant Director of Design & Construction, and Fred Rottnek - Associate Professor and Director of Community Medicine.

For more information on the Division of Student Development Excellence awards, including full award descriptions and past award winners, please visit the Division website.

2016 Res Philosophica Conference Hosted by SLU

The Department of Philosophy and SLU's Philosophy Journal Res Philosophica hosted the 2016 Res Philosophica Conference: Bridging Formal and Traditional Epistemology on April 8 at Il Monastero.

Attendees listened to talks from Kenny Easwaran, Alan Hájek, Terry Horgan, Susanna Rinard, Sherri Roush, and Julia Staffel - and comments from Jennifer Carr, Fabrizio Cariani, Hanti Lin, Cat Saint-Croix, Jonah Schupbach and Brian Talbot.

The 2016 Res Philosophica Conference, Bridging Formal and Traditional Epistemology, was organized by Joe Salerno. Speakers were Kenny Easwaran (Texas A&M), Alan Hájek (ANU), Terry Horgan (Arizona), Susanna Rinard (Harvard), Sherri Roush (King's College London), and Julia Staffel (WashU). Commentators were Jennifer Carr (Illinois UC), Fabrizio Cariani (Northwestern), Hanti Lin (UC-Davis), Cat Saint-Croix (Michigan), Jonah Schupbach (Utah), and Brian Talbot (WashU). Session Chairs were John Greco (SLU), Lauren Olin (UMSL), Brandon Walker (SLU), Jonathan Nebel (SLU), Kent Staley (SLU), Roy Sorensen (Wash U). Saint Louis University graduate students who volunteered included Audra Goodnight, Luke Kallberg, Sahar Joakim, and Kevin Cutright.

Saint Louis University graduate student Sahar Joakim welcomed guests at the 2016 Res Philosophica Conference, "Bridging Formal and Traditional Epistemology." 

Learn, Engage, and Act with SLUstainability

Have you always wondered about how SLU is being sustainable? Now is your chance to learn more about the University's sustainability programs by hosting a training session for your department or group. 

Available presentations to learn more about various aspects of SLUstainability include: Green Billiken certification program, recycling jeopardy game, sources of SLU's greenhouse gas emissions, health, wellness, and sustainability, alternative transportation, sustainable energy, SLUstainability-an overview, campus sustainability tour, and the power of one-paper towel reduction. 

Email the Office of Sustainability & Benchmarking at to schedule a presentation this summer. Use the information you learn to create a new sustainability practice in your life! 

Saint Louis University

Karen Carpentier Name Chair of St. Louis Regional International Partnership

Congratulations to Karen Carpentier, Associate Director for the Boeing Institute of International Business, who was named 2016-2017 chair of the St. Louis Regional International Partnership. Carpentier was transitioned as chair at the group's annual dinner on May 10. As chair, Carpentier will be responsible for leading the group's monthly meetings and generally making significant contributions to the success of the organization. 

The Boeing Institute of International Business was a founding member of the group, which includes other organizations such as the World Trade Center St. Louis, the World Affairs Council, and many more. 

Congratulations, Kyle!

Congratulations to Kyle Goltz, Recruiter in HR Consulting & Client Services, and wife Kaitlin, on the birth of their daughter, Aubree Paige Goltz.

Aubree was born on April 17, weighing 8 pounds and 1 ounce. Kyle says, "we truly feel blessed to have this little bundle of joy in our lives!"

Congratulations, Amanda!

Congratulations to Amanda Hente, Alumni Professional Development Coordinator for Alumni and Donor Engagement, and husband Matt on the birth of their daughter, Amelia Kristine Hente.

Amelia was born on February 14, weighing 5 pounds and 7 ounces.

Congratulations, Emily!

Congratulations to Emily Hines, Director of Medical School Admissions, and husband Christopher on the birth of their daughter, Eleanor Mae Hines.

Eleanor was born on February 23, weighing 8 pounds and 11 ounces. She joins big sister Madeleine at home.

Congratulations, Jessica!

Congratulations to Jessica Wolf, Training Specialist for the Workforce Center, and husband Trevor on the birth of their son, Issac Alexander Wolf.

Issac was born on March 6, weighing 7 pounds and 13 ounces. He joins big brother Oliver at home. Jessica says, "the Wolf family is blessed to have two happy and healthy boys. Mom and Dad are over the moon for both!"

Congratulations, Matt!

Congratulations to Matt Renaud, Grants Administrator in the College of Public Health & Social Justice, who was engaged to Kristin Scherer on April 30 on the hill below the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park.  Kristin and Matt met at Maryville University, where they both attended college and were involved in Student Government. The couple are planning a spring 2017 wedding.

Exceptional Leadership Program Participants Honored at Graduation Ceremony

Standing (Left to Right): Fay Ellatif, Matt Sullivan, Megan Buckley, Beth-Anne Yakubu, Carrie Bebermeyer, Steve Tinge, Dawn DeLaria, Lisa Roach, Jennelle James, Shane Winters, Jamie Klopmeyer, Audery Timberlake, Katie O’Connell, Missi White-Luster, Kim Walsh
Sitting (Left to Right): Denise Johnson, Aleidra Allen, Kellisa Fiala, Matt McEuen, Deb Blanquart, Renee Knoll, Ryan Wilson, Brianne Burcke
Not pictured: Kyle Strothmann

Twenty-four staff members were recognized for their completion of the University’s Exceptional Leadership Program on Friday, April 22. The honorees included in this third cohort of the program are as follows:
  • Aleida Allen, Cross Cultural Center
  • Carrie Bebermeyer, Medical Center Communications
  • Debra Blanquart, School for Professional Studies
  • Megan Buckley, ITS - Academic Technology
  • Brianne Burcke, Financial Planning & Budget
  • Dawn DeLaria, School of Education
  • Fay Ellatif, Business & Finance - Shared Services
  • Kellisa Fiala, College for Public Health & Social Justice
  • Jennelle James, Business Services
  • Denise Johnson, Medical School Administration - Facilities & Planning
  • Jamie Klopmeyer, Publications & Graphic Design
  • Renee Knoll, Office of Environmental Health and Safety
  • Matt McEuen, Facilities Management
  • Katie O’Connell, HR - Consulting & Client Services
  • Lisa Roach, School of Nursing
  • Kyle Strothmann, Office of Admissions
  • Matt Sullivan, Academic Support
  • Audery Timberlake, ITS - Business Operations
  • Steve Tinge, Office of Research Integrity
  • Kim Walsh, Medical Center Development
  • Missi White-Luster, Graduate Medical Education
  • Ryan Wilson, Student Educational Services
  • Shane Winters, ITS - Infrastructure Operations
  • Beth-Anne Yakubu, Emerson Leadership Institute
The Exceptional Leadership Program provides development opportunities to staff in leadership roles here at SLU who are selected by their Vice President. The program was developed through collaboration between the School for Professional Studies, Center for Workforce & Organizational Development, and the Division of Human Resources. It consists of twelve modules covering three main areas: Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading Organizations. Through these modules, the program participants develop skills to foster a culture that support and take actions that reinforce the University’s mission and identity.

This year, Patrick Maloney, Ph.D., Manager of Learning & Development offered thanks for the support of the program and congratulations to the participants. Katherine Cain, Executive Director for the Center for Workforce & Organizational Development, thanked all of the instructors, most of whom are SLU faculty members. Steve Winton, Ph.D., Director of Leadership & Organizational Development Program and Assistant Professor in the School for Professional Studies, explained the content of the twelve modules of the six month program. Mickey Luna, J.D., Vice President for Human Resources, offered remarks about how the program participants and all members of the SLU community can lead others to further advance the University’s mission of “pursuit of truth for the greater glory of God and the service of humanity.”

Three Exceptional Leadership Program participants also offered testimonials. Aleidra Allen, Program Coordinator for the Cross Cultural Center, commented that she enjoyed getting to know so many people from other areas of the University and through the activities she gained perspective on how to work collaboratively. Fay Ellatif, Director of Shared Services in Business & Finance, spoke about how she has already been able to apply what she learned in the program, especially regarding conflict and strategic thinking. Ryan Wilson, Academic Counselor in Student Educational Services, said that he found the content of the program to be applicable in his personal, as well as professional life.

Congratulations to all of the 2015-2016 graduates of the Exceptional Leadership Program!

Dr. Thomas Westfall Inducted into Academy of Pharmacology Educators

Congratulations to Thomas C. Westfall, Ph.D, William Beaumont Professor and Chair Emeritus, Department of Pharmacology and Physiology, who was inducted into the Academy of Pharmacology Educators on April 4. He was recognized for his numerous achievements and accomplishments in Pharmacology education both nationally and locally by the American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

Shoe Sorters Needed for SAC Shoeman Water Project Drive

The 2016 SAC Sponsored Shoe Drive is coming to a close. Volunteers are still needed to sort and count the last of the shoes at Earhart and get them ready for pick up by Shoeman Water Projects.

Dates for sorting are: 
  • Friday, June 3, 2016, 12-3 p.m.
  • Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 12-3 p.m.
  • Thursday, June 9, 2016, 12-3 p.m.
Please email Yvonne McCool if you are able to help and which days you can help (

Come ready to get dusty, dirty, sweaty, and work! Bring your own water. We provide the bags, latex gloves and shoes.

Desktop United States Flags Available from the MOVE Committee

The MOVE Committee invites everyone to order a desktop flag to celebrate Flag Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Labor Day!

To request delivery please complete and submit the following form. Only one request per employee and please enter your address as found in People Finder. This is a great time to update your People Finder information if your information is not current. The form is open for requests until 10 AM on Friday, June 3. The MOVE Committee will handle the delivery of the flags, beginning Monday, June 13, in preparation for Flag Day on June 14.

The MOVE Committee seeks to provide engaging events, activities, and services to the SLU community and welcomes new members. If you are interested in joining the MOVE Committee, please check the "yes" box at the end of the form. For assistance, please contact Kathy Basso (