Pamela Murray Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Pamela Murray, Center for Advanced Dental Education, who received a SLU Spark! Pamela was recognized by Mary Anderson, Center for Advanced Dental Education, for pursuing excellence.

"When a co-worker in another area suddenly left SLU, Pam was asked to temporarily take on some additional responsibilities.  She accepted these responsibilities cheerfully.  In completing these new tasks, she identified an area where we were losing out on insurance revenue due to the incomplete classification of the program director with state dental board.  Pam took it upon herself to check the classification of each of the program directors and brought her findings to me.  Once the change is completed, the department will be reimbursed at a higher rate.  Pam deserves to be recognized with a SLU Spark for her pursuit of excellence and willingness to investigate something that did not look correct to her."