Exceptional Leadership Program Participants Honored at Graduation Ceremony

Standing (Left to Right): Fay Ellatif, Matt Sullivan, Megan Buckley, Beth-Anne Yakubu, Carrie Bebermeyer, Steve Tinge, Dawn DeLaria, Lisa Roach, Jennelle James, Shane Winters, Jamie Klopmeyer, Audery Timberlake, Katie O’Connell, Missi White-Luster, Kim Walsh
Sitting (Left to Right): Denise Johnson, Aleidra Allen, Kellisa Fiala, Matt McEuen, Deb Blanquart, Renee Knoll, Ryan Wilson, Brianne Burcke
Not pictured: Kyle Strothmann

Twenty-four staff members were recognized for their completion of the University’s Exceptional Leadership Program on Friday, April 22. The honorees included in this third cohort of the program are as follows:
  • Aleida Allen, Cross Cultural Center
  • Carrie Bebermeyer, Medical Center Communications
  • Debra Blanquart, School for Professional Studies
  • Megan Buckley, ITS - Academic Technology
  • Brianne Burcke, Financial Planning & Budget
  • Dawn DeLaria, School of Education
  • Fay Ellatif, Business & Finance - Shared Services
  • Kellisa Fiala, College for Public Health & Social Justice
  • Jennelle James, Business Services
  • Denise Johnson, Medical School Administration - Facilities & Planning
  • Jamie Klopmeyer, Publications & Graphic Design
  • Renee Knoll, Office of Environmental Health and Safety
  • Matt McEuen, Facilities Management
  • Katie O’Connell, HR - Consulting & Client Services
  • Lisa Roach, School of Nursing
  • Kyle Strothmann, Office of Admissions
  • Matt Sullivan, Academic Support
  • Audery Timberlake, ITS - Business Operations
  • Steve Tinge, Office of Research Integrity
  • Kim Walsh, Medical Center Development
  • Missi White-Luster, Graduate Medical Education
  • Ryan Wilson, Student Educational Services
  • Shane Winters, ITS - Infrastructure Operations
  • Beth-Anne Yakubu, Emerson Leadership Institute
The Exceptional Leadership Program provides development opportunities to staff in leadership roles here at SLU who are selected by their Vice President. The program was developed through collaboration between the School for Professional Studies, Center for Workforce & Organizational Development, and the Division of Human Resources. It consists of twelve modules covering three main areas: Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading Organizations. Through these modules, the program participants develop skills to foster a culture that support and take actions that reinforce the University’s mission and identity.

This year, Patrick Maloney, Ph.D., Manager of Learning & Development offered thanks for the support of the program and congratulations to the participants. Katherine Cain, Executive Director for the Center for Workforce & Organizational Development, thanked all of the instructors, most of whom are SLU faculty members. Steve Winton, Ph.D., Director of Leadership & Organizational Development Program and Assistant Professor in the School for Professional Studies, explained the content of the twelve modules of the six month program. Mickey Luna, J.D., Vice President for Human Resources, offered remarks about how the program participants and all members of the SLU community can lead others to further advance the University’s mission of “pursuit of truth for the greater glory of God and the service of humanity.”

Three Exceptional Leadership Program participants also offered testimonials. Aleidra Allen, Program Coordinator for the Cross Cultural Center, commented that she enjoyed getting to know so many people from other areas of the University and through the activities she gained perspective on how to work collaboratively. Fay Ellatif, Director of Shared Services in Business & Finance, spoke about how she has already been able to apply what she learned in the program, especially regarding conflict and strategic thinking. Ryan Wilson, Academic Counselor in Student Educational Services, said that he found the content of the program to be applicable in his personal, as well as professional life.

Congratulations to all of the 2015-2016 graduates of the Exceptional Leadership Program!