Sarah Scholtes Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Sara Scholtes, Physical Therapy, who received a SLU Spark! Sara was recognized by Kim Levenhagen, Physical Therapy, for driving change and innovation.

"This year the Doisy College of Health Sciences implemented Exam Soft which is an assessment-management solution for administering exams. Sara researched the information, met with representatives from the company, and delivered a presentation to the College in August. Sara tirelessly mentored each faculty member and student. Initially she assisted each faculty member in uploading the exams and accessing the reports. She worked as tech support in each exam to minimize student and faculty fears of technology glitches. She collaborated with Disability Services to ensure student success. I am in awe of her dedication, tireless energy, and patience with each person and the process. She looked for solutions instead of focusing on problems. I am grateful for her passion and forward thinking to drive change. The only reason for the successful implementation is because of Sara Scholtes."