Dr. Theresa Jeevanjee's Faith and Relentless Love

Theresa Jeevanjee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, has written a book about her experience raising her handicapped son, Ryan. The book, Dear Ryan: Letters, Reflections, and Stories Sharing the Dance Through Life with a Handicapped Son, shares Theresa's thoughts and revelations about how faith and relentless love are what it takes to raise a handicapped child, or any child. Theresa writes, "it is my profound hope that everyone, whether living with a child with disabilities or not, learns that with hope, courage, faith, and a large dose of humor anything is possible. This book is meant as an emotional and practical resources for those who care for and love someone with a disability; although, truly, it is a book for everyone." Learn more about Theresa's journey and the book here.