2016 Hussmann International Business Awards Ceremony

On October 12, the 2016 Hussmann International Business Awards Ceremony, sponsored by the International Business Department and Tom & Kate Gunn, was be held. This year's honorees included:

  • Gina Kowalczyk--Anheuser-Busch Global Business Scholar
  • Hope Williams--BIIB Advisory Board 
  • Xixian He--Bud Berman and Kellwood Company Global Business Scholar 
  • Claire Titus-Ieronimo--Neil Seitz International Business Student Scholarship
  • Miranda Koors--Novus Global Business Scholarship
  • Fleur Maarse---Seung Kim International Business Scholarship
  • Dr. Peter Wyse Jackson, President, Missouri Botanical Garden--2016 International Visionary Award
  • Mr. Francois Fraudeau, CEO, Novus International--2016 Globalist Award

This event recognizes both outstanding undergraduate international business students and local professionals with a focus on international business. The requirements to be recognized as an undergraduate business student with a concentration in international business and a grade point average of 3.0 and above. The students selected were anonymously reviewed and ranked by a scholarship committee based on their academic, service, and professional achievements. The top applicants were selected for scholarships. The professional awardees are recognized as an international visionary and globalist of the year.

Francois Fraudeau, 2016 Globalist Award
 Peter Wyse Jackson, 2016 International Visionary Award