Congratulations, Myrinda!

Congratulations to Myrinda Grantham, Assistant Director for Assignments & Marketing for Housing and Residence Life, who was engaged to Vicky Dean on June 26. Myrinda and Vicky met in May of 2007 when Myrinda moved to Lubbock, Texas, for a summer internship at Texas Tech University.

Myrinda and Vicky were attending a close friend's wedding in Madison, Wisconsin, on June 26, 2015, which is the day the Supreme Court decision was released that legalized same-sex marriage nation-wide.  Having been together for 8 years, Myrinda and Vicky always said they would not be getting married until it was legal for everyone across the U.S.  Later that morning, Myrinda and Vicky decided to "make it official." They are looking forward to getting married on the beach in 2016!