TRiO-SSS Supports The Humane Society of Missouri

TRiO-SSS Shelter Buddies Service Team (l-r):  Chau Truong, Jennifer Lu, Leana Wu, Yamily Tito, Maria Garcia and Makailya Pickrell
On Saturday, September 24, six SLU TRiO-Student Support Services students and one staff member participated in the Shelter Buddies Reading Program, sponsored by the Humane Society of Missouri. The service team received classroom training on how to read to shelter dogs in order to help comfort and socialize them in preparation for adoption. They were then able to apply that knowledge by reading to actual dogs at the shelter. As a result of having completed this training, each member of the service team will be able to return to the Humane Society and participate in the Shelter Buddies Reading Program on their own time.

The service team, led by TRiO-SSS Academic Counselor, Jamie D. Motley, also consisted of Maria Garcia, Jennifer Lu, Makailya Pickrell, Yamily Tito, Chau Truong and Leana Wu.

This was part of an ongoing initiative within TRiO-SSS to provide service learning experiences for students in the program. Other organizations that program participants have provided service to include Almost Home, Earth Day Network , Greenway Network, Let's Start and the Sierra Club. TRiO-SSS is a federally funded program designed to provide a variety of support services to first-generation college students, as well as students who are from modest-income households or have disabilities. The program, led by Lindsay Gonterman, is part of Student Educational Services and housed in O'Brien Hall.