Candy King Recognized for 2016 John Seay Humanitarian Award

Established July 2011, The John Seay Humanitarian Award will recognize a Practice Management Operations employee who has demonstrated a willingness to serve others and by doing so, has promoted the welfare of other individuals or groups. This award is so named to commemorate the selfless giving demonstrated by our former leader and friend. It is our hope that this award will serve as a tribute to John Seay, acknowledging that the actions of one person can indeed change the lives of others and a reminder that it is through service to others that we become exceptional leaders. 
Employees being nominated for 

The John Seay Humanitarian Award have demonstrated service to others in or outside of PMO (service performed need not have occurred in the current year). Written nominations are reviewed by the PMO Special Events Committee. At the annual PMO Year End Celebration on September 29, Candy King, PMO - Registration, was named as the 2016 John Seay Humanitarian Award recipient. 

Candy King receiving the John Seay Humanitarian Award at the PMO Annual Picnic, 9/29/16.  Pictured left to right:  Tim Noonan - Assistant Director of Registration, Candace King- Registration Representative, Jennifer Davis- Supervisor of Registration
The nominations submitted for Candy are below. 
Candy is a ray of sunshine for the providers, support staff, medical assistant, and the patients. It is a joy to walk off the elevator and be greeted with a smiling joyous person. Patients have commented more about Candy than any other person in our ObGyn office. They state that she is always happy to see them, greets them with a smile, is always will to aide them in navigating the often difficult and confusing aspects of insurance and is a very reassuring person at a time when they are often scared. Nothing is too much trouble for her. Imagine looking up and seeing people 5 deep and 2 lines long. She does this on a daily basis and never shows aggravation. She is a role model to the new people in the position. This past month in Press Ganey there were 6 unique patient comments about how wonderful she is. There has never been this many comments about a staff member in the past 2 years. Her approach to customer service needs to used as the standard for the PMO group and SLUCare offices in general.

I would also like to nominate Candy for the John Seay Humanitarian Award because she epitomizes our SLU Mission in the way she treats our patients and her fellow coworkers each and every day. Candy showers each patient with kindness and love and has a truly generous spirit. When you check in with Candy, you will literally feel as if her arms are embracing you with a warm hug. Her compassion for each and every person is felt the minute you step off of the elevator at her location and hear her warm and welcoming, “Welcome to SLUCare!”. Candy is equally as compassionate about her coworkers as she is about our patients. Candy is always the first person to organize a lunch or bring in breakfast for her team. Candy regularly calls me just to tell me how much she “loves her job” and what a great day she is having! If anyone is deserving of this award, it is Candy King!!!