Margaret Bultas Received a SLU Spark!

Congratulations to Margaret Bultas, School of Nursing, who received a SLU Spark! Margaret was recognized by Jeanne Eichler, Occupational Therapy, for serving others.

"I run a week-long overnight camp for teens and young adults who have high functioning autism. Margaret has been serving as a volunteer nurse for four years in addition to her full time administrative and teaching responsibilities in the School of Nursing. Because of Margaret, 20 teens and young adults were able to experience the camp. Noted increases in medications and health problems among the teens and young adults in the program over the years have made her position more vital than ever- and more complicated. Margaret has not only served during the week (staying overnight/ being on call during the night, distributing medication several times each day, informing staff of health precautions and warning signs, epic-pen and inhaler usage), but she created a system of forms, releases, and processes that ensure accuracy and preparedness every year. This year, Margaret, a talented researcher, received a Beaumont grant to study the impacts of the camp and a corresponding weekly program, which will provide outcomes for the first time since the program started. Margaret also fulfilled her regular work responsibilities during camp over the past four years, often multitasking in both locations-- working literally 24 hours a day for a week. Margaret is a support and an inspiration, is passionate about what she does, and is dedicated to serving others. To me, Margaret is a perfect example of "Men and Women FOR AND WITH Others". Thank you, Margaret, for making a difference not only for our campers, but for our team and our program. You are appreciated."