SLU Sparks

SLU Sparks: Recognize Those Who Ignite Excellence 

Have you spotted a colleague going above and beyond? Have you ever wanted to give someone a gold star? You now have the opportunity to make it official!

SLU Sparks is an immediate, outlet for peer-to-peer recognition. The inspiration for the name comes from the Jesuit phrase “Go forth and set the world on fire”. We want you to recognize the people who light a spark in you through their actions.

Click here to learn more and submit a SLU Spark. 

SLU Sparks Recognition Kits
SLU faculty and staff can also show appreciation for your colleagues with a physical SLU Sparks note. SLU Sparks recognition kits, which include SLU Sparks branded cards, postcards, and notepads, are available for faculty and staff to purchase. Click here to learn more about SLU Sparks recognition kits.