Fall 2015 SLU Stars Recognized for Living the Mission

SLU Stars recipients gather for a photo at the breakfast ceremony. Front row: Janice Barnes, Diana Pascoe-Chavez, Edith Brown. Middle row: Lisa Roach, Ashley Schmuke, Joyce Brown. Back row: Katherine Cain, Jenny Agnew, Terri Foster, Eric Anderson

Members of the SLU - Madrid community celebrate with SLU Star, Isabel Salvador. From left to right: Pilar Rodríguez, Isabel Hurtado, Viki Villarreal, Isabel Salvador, Sara Pérez, and Paul Vita

Eleven members of the University community were recognized as the Fall 2015 SLU Stars in a ceremony on Thursday, November 12. The awardees are as follows:
  • Jenny Agnew, School of Professional Studies
  • Eric Anderson, Campus Recreation
  • Janice Barnes, Student Financial Services
  • Edith Brown, Undergraduate Business Programs - John Cook School of Business
  • Joyce Brown, Student Services - School of Law
  • Katherine Cain, Center for Workforce & Organizational Development
  • Terri Foster, American Studies
  • Diana Pascoe-Chavez, English as a Second Language
  • Lisa Roach, School of Nursing
  • Isabel Salvador, Buildings & Grounds - SLU Madrid
  • Ashley Schmuke, School of Nursing
SLU Stars is a peer-to-peer recognition award that recognizes colleagues who demonstrate professionalism and behavior congruent with the University's Ignatian ideals, and whose accomplishments further the mission of Saint Louis University. SLU Stars are those unheralded staff members who regularly go above and beyond to touch the lives of the colleagues, students, clients, friends and family with whom they interact on a daily basis. Their commitment to the mission is not a singular event, but a continuous story of the mission in action.

The SLU Stars Committee includes:
  • Alexis Bruce-Staudt, College of Public Health & Social Justice
  • Judi Buncher, Mission & Identity
  • Cathy Happa, Internal Medicine
  • Katie Hoff (Chair), HR Learning & Development
  • Maddie O’Connell, HR Learning & Development
  • Cathy Zimmer, College of Arts & Sciences
To learn more about the SLU Stars award, please click here.

This year, University President Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D., Chris Collins, S.J., Assistant to the President for Mission & Identity, and Mickey Luna, Vice President for Human Resources, offered remarks. Also, SLU - Madrid was able to virtually attend the breakfast through Fuze.

Luna expressed, “During each award cycle, the committee receives numerous nominations, which in itself is a tribute to the regard SLU colleagues have for one another. Not only do these tributes tell the story of our mission one SLU Star at a time, but they also reflect how ardently the nominators admire and support their colleagues.” Katie Hoff, SLU Stars Committee Chair, added, “it is an honor to be nominated, and a great honor to be chosen as a SLU Star.”

The following is a summarized version of the descriptions of each SLU Star:

Jenny Agnew, Chair of the General Studies Program and Assistant Professor of English in the School for Professional Studies. The courses Jenny teaches, encourage critical thinking and clear communication, stimulate and develop students’ instincts for compassion, and draw upon learning materials that require an examination from multiple perspectives. As a Chair, she works with veteran and new faculty members with care and compassion, bringing them onboard and helping them incorporate new teaching approaches and technologies into their own courses.

Eric Anderson, Director of Campus Recreation. . In his role in overseeing Campus Recreation, Eric has integrated mission-orientation by providing leadership for a Student Development-wide strategic priority entitled Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit. The program provides students (and the broader campus community) with a holistic approach to understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and balance physical wellness, mental wellness, and spiritual development. His ability to form relationships with others to accomplish shared goals drives his success.

Janice Barnes, Associate Director for Student Financial Services. Janice's actions in her work always reflect her ultimate ambition: to help students achieve their goal of receiving a SLU education. Even in a position at the university which does not have direct student contact, she manages to impact students on a daily basis. Janice also regularly supports financial aid staff outside of her own direct reports because of her drive to help students and support her colleagues.

Edith Brown, Student Services Associate for Undergraduate Business Programs in the John Cook School of Business. When students need to see an Academic Advisor, Edith is reassuring, kind, and helpful, which in turn, helps the other staff better serve the student. She’s collaborative with everyone in the office and is patient with the staff and students. Edith extends her service and shares her positive, kind spirit by volunteering at campus events.

Joyce Brown, Student Services Associate within the School of Law. Joyce demonstrates a tremendous level of care and concern for the members of the SLU Law School community - often with students dealing with difficult personal issues and the stresses of being a law student. Her enthusiasm, work ethic and commitment are second to none and she has become a go-to person and a parental figure for many of our students. Joyce is passionate about SLU and supporting our students.

Katherine Cain, Executive Director for the Center for Workforce and Organizational Development. She has cultivated a very positive, learning-oriented culture within the Center. Katherine has emphasized a strong connection between what she does and our Jesuit mission by prioritizing training for workers who have been downsized and need to be re-tooled to find stable employment, as well as workers who receive vocational rehabilitation benefits from the government.

Terri Foster, Administrative Secretary for the Department of American Studies. Terri constantly exercises leadership, prioritizes the good of American Studies, uses sound judgment, and displays admirable teamwork skills and dedication to the department. She provides expert work-related contributions because it is her vocation and individual mission. Terri roots for the success of everyone in American Studies, from a newly declared undergraduate minor to a longtime Ph.D. student or professor.

Diana Pascoe-Chavez, Academic Director of the English as a Second Language department. Diana tirelessly crafts new and creative models for the program based on the most recent research in second language acquisition theory; yet, she is always true to the basic principles of academic integrity. Whether she’s teaching, presenting at a conference, leading a workshop, or simply advising a student, Diana’s first and foremost intention is to serve the people by offering unrivaled expertise, genuine concern, and a strong commitment to the Jesuit mission of Saint Louis University.

Lisa Roach, Business Manager for the School of Nursing. Lisa works in the background to ensure the School of Nursing operates smoothly. She is the person who sees a need, addresses the need and quietly ensures it is completed. Lisa is soft spoken and humble, but impacts the lives of many in ways she may never realize.

Isabel Salvador, Housekeeper within the Buildings and Grounds department at SLU - Madrid. Isabel offers to help wherever she sees a need and continuously looks for ways to improve the campus. She works to build respect and relationships across all of the different cultures that come together in Madrid. Through her actions, Isabel shows us that our work is more than simply a job, but that we must help to build a strong community with each other.

Ashley Schmuke, Instructor within the School of Nursing. Ashley is a compassionate teacher that spends significant time working with students individually to ensure understanding of nursing theory and facilitate application of that theory into practice in the clinical setting. Her welcoming nature and true desire to see others succeed inspires confidence and boosts morale. Ashley is generous and readily shares her work for the betterment of student learning.